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Joo Sae-hyuk (주세혁)

National Korean Team's men coach and table tennis legend recommends the FastPong system.


"I am very happy with the FastPong system that we ordered. My son has been using it everyday and I can see his progress and his increased confidence. They were very quick to respond when I had questions about the setup. I couldn't be happier as a customer."
--Robert M., Australia

Awesome personalized customer service! Great people and a great product! Thank you!
-- Mike G., USA

Thank you for the follow up email. As it arrived, so did the box containing the balls and the case. Marvellous and no carriage to pay. The balls went straight in to the hopper for my Amicus Prime with the other balls and it all works fine... it is fantastic. As a private individual, I can use it for just general practice on basic shots. If it is popluar at clubs, loads of people will want to use it and they can't get much contact time with it. I am lucky that I can really work with it through all my practice and it encourages me to do it... An amazing piece of kit. So lucky to have it. Best wishes from a very happy customer.
-- Judith M., UK

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