Professional Athletes,
Coaches and Clubs

FastPong is a great leap forward in table tennis training. Confirm your feelings of progress with your own performance data and real-time metrics.




More Trainees
Manage more students at the same time and improve your coaching efficiency.

Track their Progress
High performance training modes offer you a whole new perspective on your players’ skills and progress.

Better Coaching
Raise your coaching offering to the next level and unleash your players’ full potential.

Measure Your Progress
Track your development with real-time metrics. Measure your progress quantitatively and objectively.

Train Better
Train more effectively and gain key insights into your game.

Competitive Advantage
Leverage our unique training system to your advantage over competitors.

More Members
Increase the attractiveness of your club for players and differentiate your club from your competitors with our system.

Better Planning
Thrive with new revenue streams while managing your students better. Plan students’ training programs and show them their improvements week by week.

Increased Retention
Improved training using our system will help motivate players to attend your club and use the facilities.

Scientific Research

Scientific research shows that using FastPong is more efficient than only using a ball shooter alone. Train with FastPong to improve your reaction time, speed and accuracy.


Reaction Time


Decision Making



Professional Functions

For serious training, players will appreciate the versatility of the system.

  • Ball-shooter Training
  • Service Training
  • Reaction Training
  • Manual / Coach Feed